mcsolo iconMcSolo - Ron McElfresh

The biggest problem I had with GDT was the frustration caused by having so many options. Restack the same blocks and the effects and results are different.

That means there are a mind-boggling number of options and all are easy to implement. Drag and drop, stack, change parameters. The learning curve is brief. The‘ play around and try stuff curve’ has a real long tail.

GraphicDesignerToolbox won’t replace Photoshop, but if you’re not struggling up the Adobe learning curve and expense curve, GDT is a good option. read more

macworld uk iconMacworld UK - Karl Hodge

There’s a lot to like about Graphic Designer Toolbox, but there’s also a steep learning curve to climb. We might stick with Adobe Fireworks the next time we need to knock out some buttons for the web – but keep Graphic Designer Toolbox to play with. read more

create digital motion iconCreate Digital Motion - Peter Kirn

Toolbox is a single-window editor and integrated environment for making visuals, more along the lines of a Photoshop or Illustrator. I’m not suggesting you’ll toss your Creative Suite 3 license out the window, but what this does mean is you could generate an asset from start to finish in this tool — and, perhaps, take it out to another program. read more

softonic iconSoftonic - Nick Mead

Toolbox allows you to to construct some amazingly impressive graphics using "building blocks" rather than paint brushes or spray cans. read more